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The Population Media organisation has developed culturally appropriate radio and TV long-running soapies in Niger, Jamaica, Vietnam, Brazil, Burkino Faso, Ethiopia, Mali, Rwanda and many more countries (see Website). These programs introduce topics such as education of women, sexual equality, sex education, HIV/Aids, contraception and the positive family, community, environmental and economic benefits of smaller families. See BillRyerson lecture at SPA Canberra 2008 Conference here.

Follow up studies have shown that these programs have been highly successful in changing attitudes, improving the health of women, children and families and reducing the rate of population growth.

See the Population Media Website at where you will find a great deal more including many examples of the organisation’s work with video clips

Bill Ryerson is in PNG at the invitation of UNFPA. Sustainable Population Australia is taking this opportunity to bring him to Australia is a national conservation organisation committed to environmentalsustainability but whose primary emphasis in on the role of population sizeand growth in increasing human pressure on the natural environment.


Arid Landscape.

Port Augusta. SA.

Bill Ryerson. President Population Media Centre


Bill Ryerson. President Population Media Centre, gave a lecture in Adelaide on the exciting and sucessful work of his organisation in a number of countries.

Recorded on Sunday the 1st of March 2009.