1. Notify the local council: Have your registration and microchip number ready.

Whyalla: Phone: 8640 3444 or the dog warden 0412 150 115 Whyalla web site link here

Roxby Downs: Phone: 8671 0010 or the dog warden 0418 892 870 Roxby Downs web site here.

Port Augusta. Phone: 8641 9100 the dog warden 0419 811 583 Port Augusta web site here

Port Pirie. Phone: 8633 3276 or the dog warden 0409 206 695 Port Pirie Web site here


2. Act quickly. Council only holds cats and dogs for 72 hours. More here.


3. Contact the RSPCA on 8644 0172 or after hours 0408 810 044.


4. Search your local area.

Walk and drive around your immediate area in the morning and evening. Ask your neighbours and ask people you come across if they have seen your dog.


5. Make up a poster.

Include a picture of your pet and your contact details. Offering a reward is always a good idea. Give a poster to the RSPCA


6. Call in to the veterinary clinic

Leave a poster with them to put in the window/notice board.

Whyalla: 8645 9926

Roxby Downs: 8671 0730

Cowell: 8629 2609


7. Put posters up in nearby streets (Note the locations so that you can remove them later).

The local shop may also put a poster in the window for you.


8. Put an ad in the local paper.

Whyalla: Whyalla News Phone: 8645 8088

Roxby Downs: Monitor: 8671 2683 and the Roxby Sun 8642 2688

Port Augusta: Transcontinental 8642 2688


9. Notify the microchip registry that you have lost yor dog (Have the microchip number ready).

The microchip number is located in the front of your vaccination record.

Central Animal Records: 03 9706 3187 or visit their website here.


Lost your pet? Here is what you need to do.

Act quickly.

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