State of the planet 1970.

This is one of the greatest lectures ever given by Dr. Paul Ehrlich and it was done around 1970. It was recorded on reel to reel tape and later digitised so the quality is average. The lecture covers population, overconsumption, oil crisis and global warming!

Whilst the lecture is wildly pesmistic about the estimates of global starvation due incorrect US statistics and the under estimation of the green revolution, it is a truely remarkable lecture for the clarity of delivery and the foresight of things to come. What a different world this would be, had we listened to Dr. Ehrlich's advice in 1970. The global starvation predicted to come in the 1980's is now looming as the world population rockets towards 7 billion and agriculture is stumbling due to lack of oil, fertilizers, arable soil and the competition from biofuels. Dr Erhlich's timing may had been off but his message looks more accurate with each pssing day.

Dr. Paul Ehrlich is the Bing Professor of Population Studies and Professor of Biological Sciences in the Department of Biological Science at Stanford University and is a member of the National Academy of Scientists.

Why does this concern our pets?

People facing hard times and lack of food, do not waste resources on companion animals. For our pets that we love and care for, we need to put a lot more time and resources into controlling the human population and our use of the planets resources, so that this generation, and those to come, have the resouces to look after our companion animals.

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