When money grows faster than trees.

Lecture hosted by the Greens SA

Dr. Philp Lawn

Fullarton Park Centre

Adelaide. SA.


March 30th, 2008

A fascinating forum on that stuff that makes the world go around

Speaker Dr Philip Lawn.

Senior Lecturer in Ecological Economics,

Flinders University. South Australia.

Dr Lawn’s presentation will aim to demonstrate why 'growth' is making us worse off, apart from destroying the planet, and why the transition to a steady-state economy is necessary to achieve sustainable development.

Included in the discussion are:

(a) the role and limitations of markets;

(b) policies to facilitate the transition to a steady-state economy; &

(c) the debunking of a number of pro-growth arguments.

See the video of his presentation below on YouTube.

“Doctor, there’s a growth in my economy!”


View the video here on YouTube