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Henry Lawson's

Our vote for book of 2011

Shortages of water, oil, water, soil, loss of habitat and species.

What is the cause? The answer is us. Too many of us.

This book explains is everyday language why the Rudd Goverment is offering baby bonuses to get us to breed and why they pursue ever increasing levels of immigration, at a time when it is clear, Australia is over populated.

In clear concise easy to read chapters, the book explodes the myths of perpetual growth, tells us where we are going and what we can do about it.

We have a limited number of these books to give away. Email the environmental officier for a free copy here.

When you read this book, you can no longer say "I did not know" Get a FREE copy today.

To purchase the book, contact the author Mark O'Connor Email.

Book launch, Adelaide 2nd April 2009 here

Interveiw with Mark O'Connor here Mark O'Connors web site here and on Life Matters here.