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Dog Wash November 2019

Whyalla Animal Rescue Dog Wash, Saturday 9th November 10AM to 1PM. Whyalla Veterinary Clinic, 97 McDouall Stuart Ave. $15 Per Dog, please bring donation in cash. All proceeds go to Whyalla Animal Rescue.

All puppies should graduate from puppy school.

Puppy school provides a safe place for young puppies under 6 months of age to get some early socialization and training before their vaccinations are complete. Training is provided by our two highly skilled instructors, Lyn Horner and Stephanie Appleton and class...

The Aspirational Recycler

What is “Aspirational Recycling”? It is the desire for things to be recycled when they are not recyclable and by putting them in the recycling, you contaminate the recycling and it ends up in landfill. Recycling the wrong products does more harm than good. If a batch...

Puppy School

The essential ingredient to enjoy your puppy. So you have your new puppy who is chewing everything, doesn’t listen to a word you say and is so naughty, you are no longer laughing. Time for puppy school. We have now run many puppy classes and are taking enrolments all...

Gift Certificates

Stuck for gift ideas? Birthdays, A token of you appreciation or any occasion A gift certificate for veterinary services could be for you find out more here

Memorial to Donna Boundey

Donna and Paul were known in the Whyalla community for their charity dog washes and tireless work caring for stray and injured animal in Whyalla.  We were all saddened when Donna passed away on Australia Day this year. A memorial service was held at the Whyalla...

Bat warning: Do not handle injured bats

South Australians are being warned not to handle injured bats following an increase in heat stressed bats falling to the ground in the hot weather and being rescued by well meaning people. Bats may look cute and harmless and in need rescuing but a bite or scratch from...

“Thank you to all the staff who do such a great job with Whyalla’s animals and their human carers…you should all be very proud”

Anthea Mur

“I can’t thank you enough for everything you’ve done for my Mylo. Amazing staff! Andrew explains everything so clearly and takes away my stress and everyone goes above and beyond! Thank you so much.”

Lauren Pearce

“Kind, caring and professional. Wouldn’t take my dogs anywhere else, and that is a quality endorsement as my dogs are my everything “

Virginia Giles