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Electric Vehicles have no tail pipe emissions.

Petrol and Diesel tail pipe emissions are killing out pets with toxic particulates, sulphur and nitrous oxide.

Most people are aware that air pollution is bad for your health, but this applies equally to our pets that share our environment. A major source of air pollution comes from vehicle exhausts, and this can damage the respiratory system, immune system and cause cardiovascular disease.

You can reduce the harmful effects of air pollution on your pets. Avoid petrol and diesel vehicles, especially when the are idling whilst stationary and high traffic areas. Change your home air filters regularly and keep your pets indoors when the air quality is poor. Walk or exercise your dog when the air is cleaner, usually when there is little traffic in the area.

In the long term, we must remove all internal combustion vehicles from our transport system and replace them with zero emissions vehicles. The air will be cleaner, and our pets will be healthier. As a bonus, so will their owners!