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Update: 18th April 2020

The Whyalla Veterinary Clinic is treating more cases of parvovirus infection in dogs and what is worrying the vets is that the new strain is now being seen in older dogs, not just puppies and geriatric dogs.

It is now estimated that 60 dogs have died from parvovirus infection in Whyalla in the last month. The common thread is that they are all unvaccinated and the good news is that all the 16 dogs with parvovirus infection that have been treated have survived.

The Whyalla Veterinary Clinic is open 7 days a weeks and there is no difference in prices during the normal open hours on the weekend. The stocks of vaccines have been doubled to cope with the increased vaccination demand in dogs.

Vaccination is the key to preventing parvovirus infection and the new vaccine is so effective, the manufacturer has said they will pay for the treatment of any vaccinated dog that comes down with parvovirus infection.

If your dog is unvaccinated and develops vomiting and/or diarrhoea, it should be seen by a vet as soon as possible. Early treatment is the key to saving a dogs life and minimizing the cost of treatment.

If you have a puppy, get it vaccinated. Do not take it out of your home until 2 weeks after its final 16 week vaccination.  Do not bring any unvaccinated dogs around to your house and never wear your street shoes in the house. Always change into slippers at the front door.