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From 1 July 2018, all dogs and cats must be microchipped.

Owners must microchip their dogs and cats by 12 weeks of age or at the point of sale. This includes dogs and cats that are more than 12 weeks of age on 1 July 2018.

Microchipping is the most effective form of permanent identification for your dog or cat however Veterinarians may exempt an animal for medical reasons.

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Increased cost to owners.

When a microchip is implanted by a veterinarian, the microchip number, pet and owner details are required by law to be entered on the South Australian Government database (Dogs and Cats Online). The government is not paying for this service, so the cost of entering this data are passed on the owner of the pet.

Cheap microchip warning.

When a microchip is implanted by one of our veterinarians, the microchip is registered with the Central Animal Records database, as well as Dogs and Cats Online (SA Government database). The problem with Dogs and Cats Online is that the microchip numbers are South Australian ONLY and not available in a petaddress database search. As we know, people and pets often move interstate. With Dogs and Cats Online, if a pet moves interstate, the owner may not be able to be located.

If you are having a microchip fitted to your pet, make sure that the fee includes registration with Central Animal Records.