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Ehrlichosis is caused by an infection with the bacteria Ehrlichia canis which occurs when a dog is bitten by an infected tick. The main tick responsible for this is the brown dog tick (Rhipicephalus sanguineus) which is found mainly in the far north of South Australia and is uncommon in Whyalla.

Dogs that suffer from Ehrlichosis have a high temperature, refuse to eat, lose weight, become quiet and lifeless and can bleed from the nose. If you suspect that your dog has been bitten by a tick and shows these signs, you should see your veterinarian without delay.

Travelling north with your dog poses the greatest risk.

if you’re travelling with dogs to areas where the Brown Dog Tick is present you should take precautions. Brown Dog Tick numbers tend to be greatest in tropical and semi tropical areas of Australia.

To safeguard your dog when travelling:

  • Use an effective tick treatment.
  • Inspect your dog for ticks and remove them carefully.
  • Avoid stops in areas when you might encounter ticks, especially those on the main highways.