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“I thought I’d let you know about the happy adoption stories of Alice and Akka. When my familiy decided to adopt Alice, our friends thought that they could welcome her brother into their lives. I collected the pups from Whyalla, and they were very quiet the entire drive back to Adelaide. (Photo 8818 from their first day at home). We fostered Akka, who was renamed Ajax, for a week or so while his forever family settled in to a new house.
Nine months on, and both dogs are doing very well. They continue to present challenges (particularly with their fondness for chewing), but are both very obedient, loving dogs. They get to see each other every few weeks, and when they do, they play non-stop. It was hard to catch moments when they weren’t rolling around to photograph them. It was too difficult to get a photo of Alice’s dachshund x corgi brother as well. I’ve included the photos I managed to get – Alice has the pointy ears and Ajax has the floppy ears.
They’re both great additions to 2 Adelaide Hills families. Thank you!”