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Whyalla Veterinary Clinic has been running a rescue and rehoming programme for well over 10 years, and have adopted out hundreds of pets into new homes. The rescue animals come to us from pounds, where the pet may be due to be put to sleep and have nowhere else to go. We also take in privately surrendered pets to rehome.

We have a small but very dedicated team of foster carers, who open their homes and hearts to rescued pets, and care for them until they find a new home. The vet clinic provides all care needed, from supplying food to doing all vet work required, including desexing, which is a vital part of breaking the breeding cycle. Our aim is to rehome as many healthy, happy, and well-socialised pets as we can, to avoid euthanasia.

When you choose to adopt a pet, you are actually saving two lives! The life of the pet you adopt, plus the life of the pet that takes its place in foster care! When a rescue pet becomes available for adoption, it is advertised via the Clinic website, the PetRescue website (nationally), and also our Facebook pages

Looloo (renamed to Luna)

Looloo was abandoned in the Whyalla pound and was rescued before destruction. She was placed in care, and it was obvious very early on that she had...


Tamari was rescued from the pound before destruction.  We sent her to Lions, and after completing her training she was sent to Darwin - one of only...


Ella was rescued from the Whyalla pound and went on to do extremely well at Lions Hearing dogs.  Collette was also rescued from our pound, but...