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Melbourne University.

I got to know about Whyalla from one of the seniors who came here for their elective rotation and she absolutely loved it. I was super excited when I got an email back from Andrew saying that I was accepted to come do an elective at Whyalla. Whyalla has definitely been an interesting experience. As you will have read from other student testimonials, he lets you do heaps of surgery which is really quite nice because you not only get to do the routine speys and castrations but things like cat flank speys(which none other of my elective/extramural placements would teach me), mass removals, stitch ups and dew claw removals.. Thank you to the wonderful nursing team who made me feel very very at home and welcomed at the clinic! Thank you Lena, Carol, Karen, Sharon, Carol-ann, Tash, Skye, and Amelia. It was fun being able to work with you all everday :)

I really enjoyed working with the awesome Miranda and Charna who everyone said was amazing and true enough they were super amazing! I never felt hesistant to ask them "stupid" questions as they were very very supportive and always kept an eye on me while I was doing surgeries. Thank you for sharing all the little handy tips and stories which I will definitely remember when I become a qualified vet soon. 

Other skills I got to refine was on cytology as the practice has a really good microscope and Andrew is a big cytology buff and helps you consolidate knowledge in diagnosing yeasts, ear mites (ewww), tumours, lipomas, mast cells, demodex etc. You will also get really good at placing catheters as Andrew makes the client hold the dog with a rubberband torniquet and once you get over the fear of stuffing up infront of the client, it gets easier. Thank you Andrew for stressing the importance of a thorough clinical examination on the patient and drug doses as I am now better at that!

The weekly trips to Roxby Downs were really fun. You get to work with the fun nursing team Kiera, Jessica and Erika and see lots of cases. Word of advice; bring LOTS of snacks to keep your energy levels up as there can be as many as 45 consults back to back and ear plugs if you're a light sleeper for the journey there and back. Thank you Roger and Steve for getting us to and from Roxby safely every week.

I really liked how the clinic is very successful at rehoming animals and work closely with the local RSPCA. It's very endearing to see all these cute puppies and kittens get a second chance at life and a good home to go to. Andrew works very hard and to be honest I don't know how he does it! I guess it can be an inspiration to us all in our decades to come as it is indeed very important to keep the passion alive.

Last but not least, I must thank the wonderful Sandi for being so hospitable and being my surrogate grandmother away from home. Thank you for listening to all my rants, helping me with my foster puppies and preparing delicious dinners for me!  "

" Thank you for sharing all the little handy tips and stories which I will definitely remember when I become a qualified vet soon." Sue-Mae.

Sue-Mae Chua