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I spent two weeks at Whyalla in June 2009. Working here was a great opportunity for some hands-on experience consulting and doing surgery. Andrew (the practice principal) is a great teacher and is very open to showing students around and helping to develop your clinical skills in a real-world environment.

The clinic has a very active rehousing programme (check the website for more details), with lots of healthy, bouncing dogs and cats getting a second chance to find a loving home. Some travel all over the country to their new families, such is the reach of the programme. The clinic has a great working environment and the support staff are fantastic. You get great support from all the nurses especially in surgery. They are always ready with a cup of tea, or even a cappuccino just when you need it most. Days at Roxby Downs are great, but pretty full-on. The Roxby clinic is a great opportunity to do heaps of consults and surgeries in a day - which is a fantastic learning experience.

Whyalla is a nice town and make sure you get out and see some of the surrounding areas too if you get the chance. Point Lowly is really close by, and the Flinders Ranges are just a few hours form here. They really look after you too – staying with Sandra is a real treat.

Perhaps most importantly, the Whyalla team take a progressive approach to providing top quality veterinary care while considering and minimising their impact on our natural environment. The clinic includes a carbon offset fee on every invoice, which finances the planting of trees to offset the practice's carbon emissions. I believe this sets an important precedent, and demonstrates that environmentally responsible business is no longer a niche business, but one which must become the norm.

Thank you to Whyalla vets for helping me along my journey to becoming a vet, and for showing the veterinary community that successful veterinary business can also show the way forward in terms of sustainability initiatives.

"Working here was a great opportunity for some hands-on experience consulting and doing surgery. " Tristan Burgess

Massey University, New Zealand.


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