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I’m Korean but I finished my veterinary course in Japan. Dr. Yuri, my University’s senior, has been working at Whyalla Veterinary Clinic, and she recommended to come and have an experience to work here.

Before coming here, I’ve never done surgery before, especially by myself because I was belonged to Toxicology Laboratory. Actually, I have a Korean Veterinary License, but surgery skills don’t be required when I have an examination of veterinary license in Korea and Japan. In addition to having a surgery by myself in Korea and Japan, usually I have to spend two or three years at the clinic. Therefore, I expected two or three surgeries before coming to Whyalla Veterinary Clinic, but I had unnumbered surgeries here. Most of my surgeries were spay and castration, but I also did dental clinic, amputation and stitch up huge area of skin etc. When I had a surgery for the first time, my hands shook a little bit because of tension, but now I have more confidence than before and my hands don’t shake any more.

I experienced so many things for the first time in Whyalla, for example like a surgery, bringing up puppy and kitten and driving etc. I got a new family from the Clinic, my first cat Tinkerbell, and Sandy, my Australian mother, gave her the name. Because one of a rehouse kitten was so small in her sibling, so I had to take care of her. During taking care of her, I fell in love with her and decided to bring her to Japan. Andrew helped me to bring Tinkerbell to Japan. I go back to Japan having a lot of memories in Whyalla.

I really appreciate Sandy and her families, and now they are new my Australian family. I enjoyed going football club every two weeks and won twice! When I went to Roxby Down, I had a good time with Debora and her family. I really appreciate Debora,Mike and Joshua.

I also appreciate all the staff of the Clinic of in Whyalla and in Roxby Down, they helped me so many things. They also liked to tease me and taught me many bad English words. My Australian nickname is “Suck-up” which Lena and Carol gave me, and my favorite Australian expression is “bloody” something. I also really appreciate Yuri, she is a good teacher and a good friend for me. Lastly, I really appreciate Andrew because he gave me this great chance to work in Whyalla.

Hokkaido University, Japan.


"Most of my surgeries were spay and castration, but I also did dental clinic, amputation and stitch up huge area of skin etc.." Hee Won Min.

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