Veterinary Clinic Fire October 2005.

An electrical fault in the hydrobath resulted in the fibreglass shell catching fire and the resulting fire totally destroyed the veterinary clinic.

In the early evening on Monday night the 9th of October, an electrical fault in the hydrobath at the Roxby Downs Veterinary Clinic sparked a fire that destroyed the clinic. The heat was so intense that the computers melted and the structural steel bent causing the roof to partially collapse. Despite a very rapid response, the staff were unable to save all patients at the clinic and five animals died of smoke inhalation. First on the scene, Nurse, Kerry Dunn was able to instruct the SES workers where the patients were and was instrumental in saving many animals lives. “The SES guys were brilliant” she said “They were only young, but the put on their space suits and went in to the black smoke to save the lives of many of our patients”. “There was pitch black smoke everywhere” she said “ and the smell was unbelievable” She says she can still smell it on her clothes even after several washes.

A temporary clinic was set up in the old butchers shop in the mall, whilst rebuilding commenced immediately and was competed just brfore Christmas.


Total destruction of the clinic interior.

Left: Shows the remains of the hydrobath where the fire started.

Below: The interior of the grooming area ruined by heat, soot and water.

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