This is our gift to the planet we love.


Just thought I would let you know how our dog (which we got from you) is going Kobe is a bull terrier cross with a great dane or something like that we are not sure He is now 9 months old and is so handsome with beautiful blue eyes and we love him so much.

We already have a Shih tzu/Maltese cross and a Chihuahua. My Shih Tzu cross plays with Kobe and when she has had enough she sure lets him know even though she fits underneath him. Even my Chihuahua is not frightened of him. He is the most loving dog and thinks he is a lap dog even though he weights 22kgs at last weigh in!!!

Kobe loves to lie next to us on the lounge (he takes up all the room) He loves people but is a great guard dog and sure lets us know If there are strangers around. He goes for an hour walk everyday and on weekends when we try to sleep in he wakes us at 5:30 to remind us it is walk Time!!! He loves walking near the beach and absolutely loves the water and is a wonderful swimmer which is good because it wears him out and then he sleeps all day.

I think he has nearly chewed to bits every toy we have given him but that is good for his teeth and it saves the furniture but he has chewed a Few pairs of thongs, His record for a pigs ear is about a minute. We have never owned a big dog before or a boy dog but he is just so special and very smart, he goes to dog obedience but is still learning. We are so glad we were able to rescue him he is just beautiful.


Kobe gets the lounge.