This is our gift to the planet we love.


To all the people who are involved in rehousing animals :)

I would like to send a big thank you first of all - You are doing a great job and giving all these puppies/dogs 2nd chances at a happy life :) We adopted Bridie last year as a puppy from the website and from your vet :) We adopted her on the 7th September 2007 :) In that time she has become apart of the family and is doing very well in puppy school :) She has many puppy friends back here in Adelaide and has one friend Matilda who is her best friend :)

Bridie is a playful, energetic puppy who is full of love and wouldn't hurt a fly - We have a one year old son who just adores her and they get into mischief together - Not sure who instigates the mischievious behavior!!! Bridie is always near when our son Noah is eating food - because whatever he doesn't want it goes on the floor ;)

Bridie is learning and changing by the day :) And is very spoilt I must say and loves to sleep on the lounge :) She loves puppy cuddles and is always near to give her lots of love, attention and pats...Oh and we have just taught her how to play fetch ;) I have attached a few pics of Bridie over the time she has been with us :) I hope that you will enjoy her update :) Ray


Above: Puppy adoption photo

Left: Bridie today.

Bridie gets a new family.